established in 2013

Ben Hout and Enya Latham have built a different kind of accounting business.  One that helps creative and service professionals manifest their dreams of establishing and growing their businesses. Their founding principles come from shared knowledge and experience.

Ben and Enya moved to the beautiful western mountains of Maine following the loss of their home in New Orleans to Hurricane Katrina.  In 2006 Sam Buffa invited Ben to perform at the grand opening of Fellow Barber (known at that time as F.S.C. Barber). The experience inspired Ben and Jennifer to move to Brooklyn. Ben joined a Freeman's Sporting Club camping trip and made several lasting professional connections that led to a six year controllership position at Alley Management (for Freeman's Restaurant, F.S.C. Barber, Freeman's Sporting Club and Peel's Restaurant).  Enya attended Columbia University, and received her B.A in Architecture.  Her studies of architectural theory bolstered and refined her own design, development and structural sense and abilities. Her skills have proven invaluable to the continued formation of Benjamin Leo + Associates.

Their experience and connections in New York coupled with their connections in California inspired them to break out on their own to establish a unique and customized accounting experience.  They are headquartered in western Maine, but regularly return to Brooklyn, and to California to meet with clients and grow their network of associates. They have worked to create a company that is approachable, growth oriented, and focused on helping clients do things the right way the first time.