Our team at Benjamin Leo & Associates has guided dozens of creative and service industry businesses through major growth and toward great success. 

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How we work...

We are trained to lead your company's accounting in all aspects from remote CFO services to everyday bookkeeping.

Remote services

Benjamin Leo and Associates works for you by providing off-site accounting services. Keeping your accounting department off-site reduces costs. Your business will not require the added space, equipment, management or payroll for a new employee. We are trained to work for you efficiently and effectively often in less time than individual employees because our infrastructure is specifically designed to handle accounting services. Our office is also remotely located in the Western Mountains of Maine. It is quiet here!  So, that means we can get much more work done without the distractions the major metropolises offer.  


keeping in touch

Our remoteness also allows us to be more accessible to our clients. Individual phone calls, conference calls and video meetings are all part of our everyday repertoire. Quarterly person-to-person meetings in NYC can be added to contracts. We plan to add quarterly meetings to our clients in CA as soon as necessary. We are as involved as you need us to be. We are also in-touch with the latest business developments. 99% of our clients are located in major metropolitan areas...NYC, LA, San Francisco, DC...with more locations to come. 


what we provide

Benjamin Leo & Associates provides Consulting, Development, Remote CFO, Accounting and Compliance services. Our associates make up a comprehensive collective of accounting, creative and service industry professionals. We will meet with you to design a plan that specifically addresses your businesses needs. Personalized proposals are presented in an a-la-carte format where you can pick and chose which aspects of our services you are interested in acquiring. Our proposals also include options for specialized attention and response times to suit your needs. We primarily work with small to medium sized businesses but don't rule us out for whatever size your business might be. We are growing all the time and want to see you grow too. We can knowledgeably guide your business.


You know your product and your market. Together, we can manifest your vision as a profitable business.

-Ben Hout | Accountant & Co-founder

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