If you are just starting out, or if you are just starting to use Quickbooks our team can get your Quickbooks file set-up.  We'll set up the chart of accounts, attach your bank and credit card accounts for direct import to Quickbooks, make sure you have all of the features you need, and let you know how to get started.  Call or email today!


 Small Companies                             $1,200 per year being cleaned up.  

Medium Companies                         $2,400 per year being cleaned up.

If you have a Quickbooks file that has been neglected, incorrectly maintained, or just doesn't make sense to you our team will make sure all transactions are recorded correctly, and that the chart of accounts is organized in such a way that you can easily understand and analyze your reports.  Call or email today



Every day more people decide to move from being economically dependent on an employer to being economically independent by starting their own ventures.  At Benjamin Leo + Associates it is our mission to inform business owners of what the current state of their business is, and where it can go.  Through close consultation and discussion we help business owners decide which decisions are making their business into what they want it to be, and which are not.

We believe that the more people gain their economic independence the better it is for everyone.  These business owners are not beholden to the whims, needs, and fates of employers.  They are not beholden to quarterly profit reports.  They are beholden to their vision of their business, and their customers’ interaction with and experience of the manifestation of that vision.



Benjamin Leo + Associates helps business owners ensure that they are pursuing their visions in fiscally responsible and sustainable ways.  Our accounting and bookkeeping services ensure that the data set for reports on operations, sales, cost of goods, etc. are correct and reliable.  Our compliance services ensure that their vision won’t be derailed by any technical issues like paying sales tax incorrectly, or tolerating employee behaviors that contribute to a hostile environment.  Our consulting services ensure that they have good reason and good standing to pursue the opportunities that will make their business grow, flourish, and fulfill their vision and goals. 



Benjamin Leo & Associates provides Consulting, Development, Remote CFO, Accounting and Compliance services. Our associates make up a comprehensive collective of accounting, creative and service industry professionals. We will meet with you to design a plan that specifically addresses your businesses needs. Personalized proposals are presented in an a-la-cart format where you can pick and chose which aspects of our services you are interested in acquiring. Our proposals also include options for specialized attention and response times to suit your needs. 

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Monthly reviews of the Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports to review the performance of your business, spot trouble areas, and suggest corrective measures.
  • Building and maintaining modal projection models that are easily edited by business owners
  • Recording, allocating, and reconciling of all financial transactions from bank accounts, points of sale, credit cards, loans, and more
  • A/R and A/P services, including collections, account reconciliations with customers or vendors, and direct payment of bills
  • Payroll services
  • Management and payment of Sales Tax